Re.You ‘Insanity’

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Artist: Re.You10028_insanity
Title: Insanity
Label: Souvenir Music, DE.
Cat. #: SOUVENIR051
Format: 12″/digital
Release Date: 26/11/12
01. Insanity feat. LIA
02. Lonely
03. Closer feat. Vonda7
04. Closer feat. Vonda7 (Amine Edge & DANCE remix)

We’re still recovering from our big FIVE OH milestone, but the music never stops and this time we have something new from Souvenir wunderkind Re.You.

It’s been a pretty wild year for Marius Maier AKA Re.You, his live with Rampa debuting at Fabric at our label take over, plus dropping a massive 12″ on Gigolo, plus solo releases on Avotre, Mobilee and of course his home away from home, Souvenir. This time round he brings the funk on ‘Insanity’ with a trademark, treated vocal serving from LIA. The track brings it real close, close enough for breath to from little droplets of condensation against a cold window. A niggling percussive interplay sends the track reeling all over the dancefloor, various creaks and whistles playing off each other until a solid bassline swoops in meaning business. What’s known in the industry as a straight weapon! ‘Lonely’ follows with a more frantic tempo, a small drum pattern loops, throwing you with its slightly skewed beat. Some techy snares build the tension while some off key chords supply the haunted melody.

On the flip Re.You brings it down a notch, going straight deep house. Again, his masterful use of ethereal vocal samples build both mood and drive the beat. An unintelligible phrase phasing out of sync until what seems like a percussive denouement, the bassline returning with gusto for a serious second round. ‘Closer’ gets a much more upbeat rework from Southern French producers Amine Edge & DANCE. They keep the vocal sample as a skeleton, but build up the track in much bubblier fashion, a playful synth line earworms while a chunky, dancefloor-friendly bassline punctuates the whole thing.


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