Artists: Felipe Valenzuela, Pier Bucci & A Guy Called Gerald
Title: Mas
Label: Room9 Recordings
Cat. #: RM9008
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 25th 2013
1. Mas (feat. A Guy Called Gerald)
2. Ocurrencias

Andrea Appolloni’s Room 9 label is back with a fantastic new EP from Chilean producers Felipe Valenzuela and Pier Bucci, supported by the touches of former acid house producer A Guy Called Gerald.

This is Felipe Valenzuela’s second EP for Room 9. A producer with a superb reputation for producing quality house (mixed with his own, trademark South American vibes), Valenzuela’s releases and remixes have turned up on Cadenza, Melisma and Metroline Ltd.

Pier Bucci’s sound is a personal blend of lush, colorful melodies, wrapped inside elegant techno, all tied together with a Latin twist. Together, they make quite the pair. A Guy Called Gerald’s touch further increases the quality of the EP, thanks in no small part to his refined tastes, a gateway sound between house and techno that incorporates aspects of both Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

“Ocurrencias”, by Pier and Felipe, is a groover of a track that’s characterised by lots of organic elements and powerful percussion that progresses into a wave of acid naughtiness.

ACGC worked with the aforementioned Chileans in order to realize the track “Mas” – a perfect combination of the artist’s styles, with deep, acid haunting synths creating an impressive crescendo that drives the sophisticated melodies and keeps the emotions in check.

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