Robert Dietz Interview

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Thanks for joining us! How are you doing?
Thanks for asking, im actually doing really great. Just enjoying a glass of wine with an order of sushi on its way.

– In 2014 you founded with your friend Hendrik Schneider a record label called Truth Be Told. What mostly motivated you to start this project?
Hendrik is one of my oldest and best friends and we bought our first turntables and records together in 98. The core of our relationship evolves around electronic music and it was only natural that we created our own platform where we could express our shared passion for visual and audio arts.

– Is there a concept behind the label?
There has never been a concrete concept behind the label. It is continually evolving. When it comes to the visual aspect though, there’s a clear 90’s influence which undoubtedly comes from the time we were both first properly immersed in the dance scene.
Other than that the label reflects our love for the diversity in electronic music now.

– The third release published features productions from New Adventures In Hifi and Egon Elliut, two names apparently unknown new in the scene. Can we say your focus is mostly oriented to the music itself before a producer’s appeal?
That it is definitely 100 percent the case. Ive always looked out for the music rather than the name behind it.

– What do you have lined up next for release?
Next release will be a solo ep of myself again, coming after the summer.

– What’s your top record / track of the moment?
The new Doms & Deykers EP on 3024 is really doing it for me right now. I’m totally into the old school rave vibe.

– On May 21st 2016 you’re going to play in Italy at Estasis’s Disco, have you got any expectations for this party and for the forthcoming summer season?
Nope. I turn up, we rave. It’s not rocket science.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
mmmmm sushi.

More info:

Robert Dietz will play at Estasi’s Disco in Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardegna:

The latest EP on Truth Be Told is out now:


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