Robert S ‘Clapper’

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Soniculture Unlimited 015Artists: Robert S
Title: Clapper
Label: Soniculture
Cat. #: Soniculture Unlimited 015
Release Date: February 3rd, 2014
Distribution: KOMPAKT
01. Clapper
02. Reezo
03. Poncha
04. Revolto

Robert S is an electronic music producer born in Madeira Island. He started djing in 2004, performing in vario-

us clubs in Portugal. In his current performances he uses Ableton Live software and midi controllers. His style is Techno but with some melodic influences with a touch of groove . In 2012 he launched his first album „My day after day“. This is his first release on Soniculture.

This great producer Robert S comes from the Madeira Island, where the sun shines every day, except when it is covered by “The Helmet“. There, you can discover many interesting rituals, like the drinking of the “poncha“, that gives you that special kick you need to make really good techno. Being a destination point for many worldwide cruises, all we can say is: “Come aboard the ship of madness and don’t bring your life-jackets! They are not neces- sary.“

“Clapper” starts up the engines with really strong percussion elements and the right sounds to set the mood right. Let’s get ready. The voyage begins.

Then, we all put a “Reezo” on our faces and do the pumping and dancing in the middle of the ocean, without any cameras or pictures for facebook because we are too excited to press buttons.

The skipper drinks a “Poncha” and activates the navigation systems…he then drinks another one, just in case, and we cruise through groovy waves in the direction of the horizon.

Of course we are taken to high sea and the skipper loses control, along with the rest of the crowd. Everything is “Revolto”. Yes…it’s all madness now.

And we do not know where we are heading.





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