Roberto Capuano ‘Free’

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Artist: Roberto CapuanoANT039
: Free

Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT039

Roberto Capuano confirms his superb skills as producer, making another great release for Analytic Trail. After the incredible success of “Melting Process” EP, label boss Markantonio takes the hands on what will be a superlative work and Roberto Capuano got the keys again for the stargate of Techno galaxy. “Free” is an EP made by 3 tracks, first is the omonimus. It’s made by a straight bassline, heavy hi hats and shakers, and the vocal sample takes the rhythm very high on the endless synth in background, Techno war is coming.

The spaceship is ready to go in the “Oblivion” of the darkness, a galactic bassline rides on the kick very fast and hi hats are the kinetic force moving everything on and on. The real engine is the ancestral synth that falls on the track as a glorious victory anthem, the imperial vessels are ready for the Techno interstellar conflict.

Fight is ending, earth is obscured by a terrifying “Eclipse” a powerful kick is pushing on the cosmic bassline in perfect collision with the shakers and hi hats. No way to survive, the sharp synth is rising to explode on the crowd to reach the soul of each Techno soldier that lives inside of all.

Is finally done the connection between parallel worlds and Roberto Capuano is a gorgeous Techno commander of course. But as always, Analytic Trail is the right platform to bring out astral music.


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