Roberto Capuano ‘Sweet Willy’

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Artist: Roberto Capuano
Title: Sweet Willy
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT046
Release Date: May 2013
1) Sweet Willy – Roberto Capuano
2) Sharpness – Roberto Capuano
3) Sharpness (Spektre Rmx) – Roberto Capuano
4) Groovin – Roberto Capuano

The saga of Techno Wars writes another chapter coming from the cosmic impact with the “New World” of Luigi Madonna expanded by the touch of Mr. Capriati, Analytic Trail is of course in its best activity moment.
Markantonio’s label arrives at its Fourty – Sixth Release with the same brilliant spirit of twelve years ago, the young wizard Roberto Capuano is the man of this exciting Extended Play called “Sweet Willy” that includes three original tracks and one remix of Spektre, the well known British duo Paul Maddox and Filthy Rich, owner of the amazing label Respekt Recordings.

“Sweet Willy” is the best example of the fusion between old school drum elements and electronic stabs and synths of new generation. A fat bassline spinning on the kick catching the energy of an acid violent synth, it seems to trip on a Space ship, astral big Techno room stuff.

The ship is landed on the Techno planet joining the deepest side of the Groove, where the listener can catch the “Sharpness” touch of the sound. Dark pads and mystic synths are the engine of the track, bassline surround the stellar machine in the vortex of the mood.

Spektre resumes the energies of “Sharpness” making a special remix, made by a gorgeous synth, straight techno drum elements and obscure ambient pads. A Perfect reinterpretation of the original mix that hold the listener to an astral introspective Techno trip.

A “Groovin” industrial track is the end line of this amazing journey, with metal hi hats and marked rides sessions. Different Vocal and Perc tricks mixed with pumping drum patterns take the people to jump up in the dancefloor, fascinating Instrumental Techno style.

Mr. Capuano is always on the right wave, no quiet music allowed, this sound is not addicted to faints of heart, Analytic trail is just a state of mind.

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