Roberts S ‘Moderna EP’

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KONSTRUKT014_Cover_Artwork_WebArtist: Robert S (PT)
Title: Moderna EP
Remixers: Rekord 61
Label: Konstruktiv
Format: Vinyl
Cat. #: KONSTRUKT014
Release Date: February 1st, 2016
Distribution: Triple Vision
01. Moderna
02. Moderna (Rekord 61 Remix)
03. Trilha Acida
04. Black Jocker

Madeira-born Robert S makes his Konstruktiv debut after appearances on Sleaze, Arts, Planet Rhythm and his own Robert Limited imprint.
Moderna is straight shooting techno, hard-hitting with hints of rolling funk and a bleak contrast to the sun-drenched Portuguese setting that saw its inception.
The synth stabs of EP opener Moderna steadily rise and open up, driving the track forward while low-slung drums keep the beat in check. Label-boss Rekord 61 drops in on A2 with his remix of the title-track. The original stabs take an aeri- al backseat and a compact beat powers through vapor and wear.
Trilha Acida sets things straight from the rst second on the ip. A threatening acid line pummels the listener with me- chanical consistency while a startling chord rehearses a monosyllabic monologue. Black Jocker, the fourth and nal cut
closes on a dystopian note, with austere drums and a dark souvenir triggering arpeggiator. Moderna is released exclusively on vinyl, February 1st 2016.


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