Roger Martinez

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The most skilled artists always have the ability to sense the anticipation and feelings of their audience. They go along and ride the musical palette like a surfer rides the waves of the ocean. It is precisely this skill that Roger Martinez has been praised with numerous times.
Especially in his own productions he tries to go beyond genres and formats. He approaches (dance) music from an emotional perspective and emotions can be hard to label.
This vision lies at the basis of Roger’s initial and quick rise to the forefront of the dance scene. His first ever released record “The House” was immediately charted by Paul van Dijk, number 1 DJ at the time, according to DJ Mag.

With “RogerMartinezLIVE”, a LIVEset consisting of 100% Roger Martinez tracks, he caught the attention of Secret Cinema’s Techno imprint “GEM Records. After releasing several tracks and a full EP, Roger Martinez was asked to join GEM Bookings. As his recent tracks are leaning towards a Techno sound – although Martinez always keeps his musical crosshairs aimed at the full musical spectrum – he is gaining support and respect from an even wider scope of DJ’s and producers.

Evidence of his broad interest in sound is his Ambient project called “Horizontal Excursions”. Under this guise Martinez explores vast worlds of sonic emotions. Going full circle in the audio realm, he also occasionally designs sound installations and takes part in interdisciplinary art projects.

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