Rokinc ‘Grinder’

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FRL003Artists: Rokinc
Title: Grinder
Remixers: Julien Lenoir, HenriFernand
Label: Future Relics
Format: Digital
Cat. #: FRL003
Release Date: June 1st , 2014
Distribution: Label Worx
01. Grinder
02. Grinder (Julien Lenoir Remix)
03. Grinder (HenriFernand Elastic Remix)
04. Grinder (HenriFernand Retrostab Remix)

RokinC can be compared to a researcher, hunting for efficient sounds experience. His specter is incredible and is going from pure melodic tracks to the finest and the deepest historical house.

His obsession for melody was bornearly 2000 when he started to follow the Trance community, listening to uplifting and progressive Trance all day. He started then to produce tunes, and to mix in Paris. Later, he switched from Trance to Deep House, House, a bit of funk and disco, some Tech House, always searching for this particular track that can break the dance floor.

He is one of the two head of the label Future Relics, and with Grinder, he decided to push the label into another dimension with a real bouncing Techno pack.

RokinC release his new EP “Grinder” on Future Relics, and offer djs heavy weapon tracks…

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