Artist: Roman Gertzant038
Title: Big Hook
Label: Analytictrail Rec
Cat. #: Ant 038
Release Date: 16 May 2012
1. Big Hook – Roman Gertz
2. Halcyon – Roman Gertz
3. Scattered – Roman Gertz

The fabulous international marathon continues for Analytic Trail. In this act the Neapolitan label introduces the Ukrainian producer Roman Gertz, musically born in 2008 after winning the DJ Contest held by Global Gathering. He did important steps in his growth, producing his stuff on labels like; Italo Business and Respekt Recordings, but now is the time of Analytic Trail with an amazing release with an interesting story. In fact after losing project files on his Computer, Roman had to restore these tracks in a special way, influencing them with a special organic, a little raw, but very human feel.
“Big Hook” is made by a powerful kick and by a noisy bass, and the hi hats pushing on the tempo. An hypnotic synth is the engine of the track, very speedy techno essential stuff.
“Halcyon” is a fast train in endless run, an heavy kick drives straight ahead the track, an aggressive synth surfing on the kick making the frame very angry but energetic too. There’s no way to stop this frantic Techno race.
“Scattered” is the final act of the EP, but always strong enough. A warm bass line rounds on the track and the kick is very hard, synth tricks in background moving with a fluid trail, real Techno dark bomb.
Analytic Trail confirm the product value as always. This is an important stride for Roman Gertz of course, essential style for a vanguard result.


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