Ross Evans ‘Caliente’

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Leena33Artist: Ross Evans
Label: Leena Music
Cat. #: Leena033 

Since his first EP debuted in 2010, Ross Evans has been building a steady catalogue of solid releases on labels such as Get Physical, Saved Records, Cocoon Recordings, and Cécille Records, just to name a few. Having already attained widespread respect from DJs around the world in just a few short years, Ross has managed to firmly establish his name within the community of electronic dance music.
His newest EP on Mobilee’s little sister Leena Music is another intriguing chapter in Ross Evans’ story. True to his signature style with roots in House while adding a Techno flair, melodic undertones, and just enough funk to keep it all tightly woven together, Ross Evans has delivered another solid release.The title track “Caliente” starts the magnificent journey; its pounding kick drum is sure to make any club roar with excitement and energy but never loses its feel-good House music vibe.Next on our journey, we reach a more melodic detour with “Part Of The Dream”, a little softer than the title track it takes us to an imaginary dream land with melancholic synth lines and soft whispers that lead us to“Walk Of Shame” another melodic trip but this time less dreamy and more driving with a funky bassline that adds just enough attitude to keep us moving.

After taking us this far on our adventure, our final stop is, “Asylum”, a safe haven where you can feel warm and secure. A place where we can decompress from our recent adventure through a land of excitement and diversity.


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