Fresh and abstract techno stuff from the Berlin based Ressort Imprint. The core artists of the label remix some tracks already published, moving to an underground dimension but dancefloor oriented at the same time. “Hidden Document II (Głós Remix)” is appreciable for the raw sounds used, but the most catchy tracks are on the B side: “Cut Tongues (Border One Remix)” is very mental and enveloping, and “Throw (Array Access Remix)” with its broken beat and synth approach remind the Dadub’s style, which can always fascinates the listener.

Ressort Imprint – January 2016

A1. Array Access – Variation 1 (Ekserd Remix)
A2. Ekserd – Hidden Document II (Głós Remix)
B1. Głós – Cut Tongues (Border One Remix)
B2. Border One – Throw (Array Access Remix)

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