OdD “Long Time Coming”

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Artist: OdDsa01-Sol Asylum 2
Title: Long Time Coming
Label: Sol Asylum
Cat. #: SA01
Format: Digital, vinyl
Release Date: January 21st 2014
1. Ayahuasca
2. Solar Heart
3. Nothing Odd
4. Broken Spell

Sol Asylum’s debut Ep by the OdD duo Danny Dixon & Damian Daley is a tour de force of the current evolution of deep underground dance music. Their solid 4 track EP will you take you on a journey with tripped out grooves, complex drum patterns, lush synth melodies, and jaguar like sound design. Each track is a finely sculpted puzzle piece that together tells an impelling story.
Ayahuasca starts our journey through oddness as we take a sip of a shamans brew. The induced trip takes us though deep landscapes with dubby pads, finely tuned synths, and distant planet percussion.
Solar Heart takes us immediately to the dance floor and keeps us moving solidly through our voyage. The drive at the heart of this track is the organic hypnotic percussion with craftily swinging hats that are perfect balanced between haunting melodic synths and modern soundscapes.
Nothing Odd brings us to the jungle where wild animals are lurking behind every corner. Minimalistic percussion with electrified snares takes us through crisply static sound effects that melt perfectly into a finely tuned groove with driving hats and metallic rhythms that bring you to distant lands. The humming percussive synth drone is the cherry on top that fuses it all together.
Broken Spell is our final orbit of this otherworldly adventure. The deeply defined two step beat takes us to the root of exploration. The atmospheric synths with stabs of wandering melodies that fall in and out flawlessly. Rounded out with punches of rhythmic cow bells, an echoing prominent snare drum claps that masterfully brings this conjured vision to life.

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