Sabota ‘Sabota’

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81561Artist: Sabota
Title: Sabota
Label: Hybridity (CA)
Format: Album CD
Cat. #: HYB011
Release Date: 27 January 2014
1. Sabota – don’t ask (Original Mix)
2. Sabota – cooking shows (Original Mix)
3. Sabota – next time (Original Mix)
4. Sabota – teacher (Original Mix)
5. Sabota – jeans (Original Mix)
6. Sabota – stumble (Original Mix)
7. Sabota – hi + lo (Original Mix)
8. Sabota – october (Original Mix)
9. Sabota – untitled (Original Mix)
10. Sabota – I’m not there (Original Mix)
11. Sabota – next time (Grenier remix)
The Canadian duo Sabota is set to release their self titled debut on Vancouver & NYC based imprint Hybridity Music. The project is a new collaboration between the two talents Max Ullis and Robbie Slade. Robbie, otherwise known as Vancouver’s electro-sould outfit of Humans, and Max have already an impressive list of shows, at SXSW, Vancouver Jazz Festival with Nosaj Thing and Symbiosis Gathering. ‘Sabota’ is their 10 track house debut with vocals by Robbie, Chantelle Upshaw and Andrea Lo, singer of Vancouver dark-pop quintet The Belle Game.


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