KR056Artist: Saimon & Mezmeric
Title: Nipple Twisted EP
Label: Kombination Research
Cat #: KR056
Release Date: 06/08/2012
Format: Digital
01 Saimon & Mezmeric – Nipple Twist (Original Mix)
02 Saimon & Mezmeric – Chrono (Original Mix)

Saimon and Mezmeric walk down their familiar dark path, with a fresh dose of twisted sensibilities, in this aptly title offering for Kombination Research.
The title track’s quirky percussion sets the tone and exotic sound design brings us to a cyber-jungle. Out of nowhere, though, the whole affair later transforms into a melodic maelstrom.

“Chrono” touches down with a rolling rhythm section while nasty synth stabs are carefully interspersed throughout. Keeping the ship steady, a fistful of dissonant action appears just before the breakdown, ensuring classy mayhem.


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