Salz ‘Reworks pt. 6’

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Artist: Salz
Title: Reworks pt. 6Telrae 022
Label: Telrae
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: Telrae 022
Release Date: Vinyl: July 2014 / Digital: 30. July 2014
A. Mario Hammer – Call Of Cthulhu (Salz Remix)
B. Und – Fox In The Box (Salz Dub-O-Matic Mix)

The new Salz release on Telrae kicks off with their rework of the “Call Of Cthulhu” and is dedicated to the early days of Berlin techno and therefore a reminiscence to the period which has been
most influential to the duo.
The recording is again powerful and impressive and enables one to float on it in perfection.
The Salz dub remix of ” Fox In The Box” has always been one of the favorites of theirs and comes here for the first time on vinyl.


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