Yotam Avni “Monad XXII”

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Tel Aviv based Yotam Avni appears in the Stroboscopic Artefacts “Monad” Series, contributing with his sound to the development of this experimental project.
The first track called “Tinofet” recalls to the typical Israeli warehouse techno sounds, while the other three songs reveal the artist’s underground approach to music. “Marva” is the most interesting piece of the release, because the ethnical instruments and the particular female chant featured.
“Monad XXII” isn’t a sonorous hazard like the previous releases, but embraces a different and serious exploration of new sonorities.

Stroboscopic Artefacts – July 1st 2016
1. Tinofet
2. Rusha
3. Marva Version
4. Marva


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