Samuel L Session ‘Dystopian Life’

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Artist: Samuel L Session
Title: Dystopian Life
Label: Klap Klap
Cat. #: KKlap15
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: January, 2013
A1 – Dystopian Life (Steel Mix)
A2 – Dystopian Life (Thunder Mix)
B1 – Dystopian Life (Raw Mix)
B2 – Dystopian Life (Related Mix)

Samuel L Session continues the resurgence of his Klap Klap imprint with the new EP, ’Dystopian Life’. Following on from his tried and tested format, Samuel brings 4 dif- ferent versions of the one track on the release.’Dystopian Life’ brings raw, dark and emotive sounds to the table. All mixes are built around dub-inspired chord stabs that carry rhythm, energy and soul in a manner that only the most skilled of technicians can achieve.The ’Steel Mix’ is a gritty and driving mix that introduces a delicately worked vocal sample that plays with the stabs, as they filter throughout the track. ’Thunder Mix’ drops the vocal and brings in a sub-bass line that rides throughout the track adding swing to a version that is as upbeat as ’Steel Mix’.’Raw Mix’ strips back to the fundamental elements and offers a slightly deeper fee- ling, while retaining the vigour of ’Steel mix’. ’Related Mix’ has a distinctly disparate sound. Subterranean strut is laid thick as a grooving bass line slows the pace, taking the mix to a deeper level; one that is perfect for the morning sets.’Dystopian Life’ illustrates Samuel L Session’s masterful ability to create differing vi- bes and atmospheres that work within a set theme. The EP is perfectly balanced and oozes the class and sophistication that he is renowned for.


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