Samuel L Session ‘You Are’

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Artist: Samuel L SessionKKlap13
Titlle: You Are
Cat. #: KKlap13
Label: Klap Klap
Format: 12″ Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: September 18, 2012
A1 – You Are (Velvet Mix)
A2 – You Are (Body Mix)
B1 – You Are (Tangerine Mix)
B2 – You Are (Naked Mix)

After Samuel’s release with Andreas Saag on Material in October last year, he returns to his solo productions on his Klap Klap label with “You Are”.

Samuel L Session is known for his percussive and driving sound; something he has honed over the last 16 years. The ‘You Are’ EP holds onto those values and gives a gentle nod to his Detroit luminaries as he combines his trademark gated snare rolls and percussion with soaring strings and a gallant bassline.

The release comes in a traditional format; four versions, each appropriate for different stages of play. ‘Velvet’ is the darker of the mixes with a heavy growling bassline. Balancing the darkness is ‘Tangerine’ which maintains the power but treats everything with a little more delicacy. ‘Body’ is stripped back to the rolling groove, while ‘Naked’ is the perfect set opener.

Samuel L Session’s return to Klap Klap is a poignant one; a weighted EP that oozes soul, character and groove.


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