Artist: Cheap And Deep
Title: Beautiful
 Brendon Moeller
Label. Modular Cowboy
Format. Vinyl
Cat. #: sand003
Release Date: March 11th, 2013
A. Beautiful (Brendon Moeller Remix)
B. Beautiful (Brendon Moeller Acid Dub)

Last year saw Jay Ahern toss his cowboy hat firmly back into the ring with a brand new production, label, and a defined sense of purpose: to tactilely reconnect artists and audiences with deep, organically crafted club music. As a hands-on producer, machinist and favourer of performance-based practices, Jay launched Modular Cowboy as a nexus for collaboration as well as experimentation with new ways to create and experience electronic music. Following two strong EPs that heralded the label’s tri-pronged ordinance comes a new 10” series of sonic exchanges from fresh Modular Cowboy sympathisers. For the first release in the series, Cheap and Deep rides once again—only this time it’s Brendon Moeller holding the reins, here steering Jay’s seductive Chicago acid house homage “Beautiful” into two dynamic reworks. Taking improvisation and performance as literal studio methodology, Brendon Moeller has loosened the rivets of electronic music with quirky and ceaselessly rewarding sound design, none so potent as with his latest 4/4-circuventing exploits for Electric Deluxe. Recorded over live studio sessions and warmed through with an unparalleled sense of play, these aren’t just remixes but distillations of tangible interactions between artist, tools and sound.

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