Sandra Mosh ‘Skogsrave’

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MOSH002_SandraMosh_CoverArtworkArtist: Sandra Mosh
Title: Skogsrave
Label: MOSH Musik
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MOSH002
Release Date: September 28th, 2015 Distribution. Phonofile
01. Skogsrave
02. Gryningshymn
03. Gryningshymn (dub)

Skogsrave is the Swedish word for a rave in the woods, a somewhat sacred haven during summer. Unfortunately the Swedish summer has been awful this year and a lot of skogsraves has been cancelled due to rain (and the police of course).
Therefore, here’s a tribute to the skogsrave. For getting stung by mosquitoes as the sun goes down and drinking cheap, warmish canned beer. But even more so for that special feeling of closeness, to the other ravers and the music but also to nature.
The title track Skogsrave is a hard techno track with a hypnotic synth line for the beginning of the night when the energy is high and the people are many. Gryningshymn is a trippier track for when the sun goes up and the vibe is just perfect. Gryningshymn (dub) is a little bit gentler but still fights to keep the last true ravers on the wet, muddy ground for a little bit longer.
Skogsrave is the second release from MOSH Musik, a label run by Swedish dj, producer and radio host Sandra Mosh. She’s only been producing for a few years but has during that time made remixes for a bunch of prominent Swedish artists like Gnucci and Kissey and last year her first solo-EP Skallgång was released.


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