Sanel ‘Poison EP’

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poison-epArtist: Sanel
Title: Poison EP
Label: Sanel
Cat. #: Sanel 002
Format: digital
Release date: October 2016
Acid Juice

Sanel’s Poison EP is full of slippy and neatly tunes. Its title track, „Poison“, has something of a joyful club anthem without any kitschy component to it. A strong club feeling with a hip vocal and a catchy, groovy bass line. „Nox“, the second original track on this EP, is darker and traps the listener completely in a complex sound structure. The third track on this EP is „Acid Juice“. It contains an acid type of synth line through the track. A clear and prominent rhythm line paired to hidden sounds and effects as well as a boisterous bass conduction.


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