Santiago Salazar ‘Chicanismo’

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SantiagoSalazar-Chicanismo-Cover-WEBArtist: Santiago Salazar
Title: Chicanismo
Label: Love What You Feel
Format: 2 X 12” Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: LWYF-LP-01
Release Date: 07 September 2015
01. Mama Paz
02. Future Flashback
03. Sucio Beat
04. Varrio 2 Varrio
05. UKB 2 LAX
06. Chicanismo
07. Brownout
08. Ojo Por Ojo
09. Clark Park
10. The Farce

After numerous productions over the years ‘Chicanismo’ marks the debut album from LA based artist Santiago Salazar.

Santiago began his journey in techno and house music in the Los Angeles underground of the 1990s. An opportunity to live in Detroit and join the legendary Underground Resistance crew proved to be the catalyst that took him to the next level.

After releasing material on UR and performing in the Los Hermanos live band, Santiago began to tour around the world, headlining sold out venues in Europe and Japan such as Liquid Room (Tokyo), Berghain (Berlin), Rex Club (Paris) and Fabric (London) as well as large festivals such as DEMF (Detroit), Monegros Festival and Metamorphos (Japan).

In 2006 Santiago relocated back to Los Angeles, launching Ican Productions with partner Esteban Adame. Thus followed a string of popular releases on Planet E as well as their own ICAN imprint, which received play from some of the biggest luminaries in techno, like Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier etc.
In 2008, Santiago Salazar and Silent Servant formed a new label, Historia y Violencia, which featured artists from Los Angeles and focused on a more rugged techno sound. Releases by Raíz, Roque Hernandez, Truncate, David Alvarado, John Tejada and Santiago followed. Santiago has also released solo music on a wide variety of respected labels such as Rush Hour, Seventh Sign, Fanzine, Finest Blend, Finale Sessions, Wallshaker Music and Macro Recordings, showcasing the diversity of his styles and production skills.

In ‘Chicanismo’, Santiago finally brings all his production expertise and knowledge together. Opening with the staccato percussive work out of ‘Mama Paz’, Santiago quickly drops into the deep end as ‘Future Flashback’ displays elements of electro trickery within a house tempo meandering bassline whilst ‘Sucio Beat’ exists somewhere between the two, lurking in the nocturnal wavelengths on the edge of town. Meanwhile, ‘Varrio 2 Varrio’ is pure, unadulterated Detroit techno joy. With a swinging groove, strings and sparkling keys he brings the Los Hermanos recipe slowly to the boil, adding his own secret ingredients into the mix.

‘UKB 2 LAX’ has that all important element of funk, the style of which only those who have served at UR boot camp can truly drop whilst ‘Chicanismo’ is perhaps the most European sounding track, building around hypnotic, swirling motifs and a stripped-down melody that eschews any synth trickery or latino flash.

‘Brownout’ also delves deep into the groove, existing in the space between house and techno yet somehow belonging to electro and ‘Ojo por Ojo’ adds a bump n grind element to a track that tunnels through to the following morning and beyond. ‘Clark Park’ shimmers in a Planet E sunrise as jazzy synths and tripped-up drum-beats awaken from slumber whilst the closing ‘The Farce’ delivers a political commentary on the US governments treatment of Latin Americans over a gorgeous house tempo rhythm. Political redress never sounded so good.


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