Sasha Carassi Interview

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– Hi Sasha and welcome on Different Grooves, first of all thanks for your time!

Hi guys, thanks to you, it’s a pleasure to be here.

– You have a long carrier in the music business and your discography is remarkable, what is your secret to success in the studio?

I made my first “homemade” mix when i was 12 with 2 tapes :)
My first vinyl was out in 1998 released by me and my wellknown buddy Giuseppe Tuccillo as Simply Complicated on Hole Records. WOW now i remember i’m getting older :)
In my opinion the secret to success is perseverance,passion,serenity and very important to know to don’t know enough!

– What can you tell us about your musical influences? There are any releases or parties that changed your interest or opened you new scenarios in electronic music?

I have a lot of musical influences, i’m in love with 70’s funk and disco music but also rock, soul, jazz and everything
can open my mind .

– Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

I stopped using analog instruments from more than 10 years,today my setup includes Ableton Live,a big bunch on VST but now i’m in love with NI Maschine.

– Briefly describe your standard performance setup for dj sets.
Why does it work better for you? How did the new digital tecnologies influence your  dj set/live performance work?

I love technology and experimentation,actually i make a digital dj set who includes Traktor with cdjs but with some analogical effects,like an external delay,i love to mix these things.

– We really loved your last release, a great 4 hands work with Mikael Jonasson,  that was released on Sleaze during the last november .
Please tell us something special and particular about it, and maybe some interesting fact behind this work.

There are not special or particular stories,we just have a special feeling and the mix of our sounds is very special i think,the only “funny thing” for us was the interest from Armin Van Buuren who has included the track “Void” in his Universal Religion mixed cd.

– Which was your approach with deejaying and composing music before the label opening?
Did it change or not?

The passion is the same as before and i hope it will be forever :)

– Your label ”Phobiq” is still growing up and constantly gaining up interest and support by people.
I suppose that running a label takes a lot of time and energy;  how much of your working day spent to take care of all the things concerning that?

Have got a label implies a good knowledge of music marketing, needing to have clear ideas and devote much time in it. . but that is not clear to all..

– What are your future plans? There is something forthcoming on Phobiq, or your other releases that you would like to tell us about?

We have many good stuff coming up,the remixes ep of my “Dark Pride” with Rino Cerrone and Jerome Sydenham, tracks and remixes from Joey Beltram, The Advent, Electric Rescue, Bodyscrub, Tomy Declerque and Jewel kid to name a few..

– Many thanks for your words and time, it was a pleasure and i am sure our readers will appreciate the interview.

Thanks guys and good music to everyone !

Interview by Marco Pellegrini.

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