Sawlin & Subjected – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi guys and welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. How are you spending these days and what are the most important things happened to you since the beginning of 2014?
I spent a lot of time at my studio the last days. I had to finish some tracks and I built some studio racks. One for a Doepfer A-100, I’m trying to built up a modular system.
Sawlin: I’m happy Subjected is joining to the modular world. It’s more exiting, when you could exchange the experiences. My upcoming releases this year are already finished. Currently I’m working with a partner on a score for movies and games. Movie scores are a big passion for me. And not only horror movies… like Sawlin sounds 😉

2. Do all the tracks you produce reflect your mood?
Sometimes. When I have special mood I try to do the soundtrack to it. When I work with Sawlin, I dunno if we a special mood? I think we have a plan in what we’re doing or just simply try new gear and skills in producing.
Sawlin: Not really the Tracks on EDLX. This was more an experiment and fun. Maybe the “Energy-Drive” is a mood.

3. What can you tell us about your experience with Electric Deluxe?
It´s a great and a new experience. And I realized what a small label VAULT SERIES is.
Sawlin: It’s always very pleasant when everything runs smoothly. I hope we will work together for a long time. 😉 Many thanks at this point to Speedy J.

4. Do you ever feel that people lost their interest on industrial and dark techno stuff?
I don´t know. The music style and the music taste are always moving, now are the people more interested in old school techno and reduced but rough techno tracks.
Sawlin: I don´t try to care about that so much. My goal is to keep my uniqueness. That’s why it’s not good to listen for me or care about that. There is anyway hardly a possibility to check this.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
Yeah, I worked on many EPs and remixes. One will come out Silent Steps and one EP on A R T S. For other releases and remixes it´s too early to name them. But Sawlin will release his 2nd solo EP on VAULT SERIES in April. And after that a new mysterious act called MISTAKE MADE will debut on VAULT in June.
Sawlin: Currently  my EP called “Niedertracht” on Ann-Aimee (Delsin) is out and my Vault series 014 will be released in the next week. The next one is also like Subjected on ARTS. And a Label called Techno-Gipsy which is running by Unbalance. This is the plan for this Year. Now, I’m still working on my album. But I can’t say when it will be out. Maybe end of the Year or next Year.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!


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