Scøpe ‘Calculus EP’

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MTL007_Cover_Artwork_webArtist: Scøpe
Title: Calculus EP
Remixers: Solee
Label: More Than Less
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MTL007
Release Date: December 28th, 2015
Distribution: DBH Digital
1. Calculus (Original Mix)
2. Tolerance (Original Mix)
3. Sleet (Original Mix)
4. Calculus (Solee Remix)

We are very happy to present Scøpe for More Than Less exclusive artist, This young artist has nest musical back- ground. His remix for Rezeal’s Arti cial Consciousness (MTL005) is well supported many great DJs and producers.
Three tracks are produced by Scøpe shows well his feature. Calculus has rhythmic groove and freely modulating sound.
And, Tolerance show special stuff which has gritty noise and unique melodic texture. Another track Sleet has fat chord sound which produce resonance on head. Furthermore, Calculus is remixed by Soolee has different mood of original track and deep sound with great buildup.


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