Seb Zito ’90’s EP’

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Artist: Seb Zito
Title: 90’s EP
Remixer: Chris Geschwindner & Satoshi Tomiie
Label: Seven Dials Records
Cat. #: SDR001
Release date: 27-10-2017
1. 95-96
2. 95-96 (Chris Geschwindner Remix)
3. House Fevor
4. Bubbling
5. *Bubbling (Satoshi Tomiie Remix)

Seb Zito launches his own label titled Seven Dials Records this October with three rhythmic originals and a remix from Frankfurt’s Chris Geschwinder and Satoshi Tomiie.

Although he’s released on labels like Vatos Locos, Rawax and Memoria Recordings, Seb Zito is most well known for being a key member of Fuse ever since its humble beginnings. Having produced countless releases for Fuse London, his first appearance was the label’s third release titled ‘Seven Dials’ and now six years later the UK producer readies his own label sharing the same name.

“The label is a true representation of my music past and present. Going back to my roots mixing House & Garage along with everything inspired from this era right up till present. Bridging old and new as well as staying true to my UK sound.” – Seb Zito

Inspired by his formative years listening to electronic music, ’95-96’ meanders forward with a wonky bassline and popping synths before introducing heady breakbeat drums and scintillating pads. Chris Geschwindner’s remix incorporates various elements of garage as numerous effects operate throughout, making way for the more stripped back and mesmerising ‘House Fevor’ with its subtle atmospherics and a skipping beat. Finally, ‘Bubbling’ combines crunchy snares, distorted vocal samples and a compelling groove before Satoshi Tomiie delivers a robust and percussive remix to conclude the release.

Seb Zito ‘90’s EP’ is released on Seven Dials Records on 27th October 2017.


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