Seb Zito Interview

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Hi Seb and welcome to Different Grooves!
Ibiza summer season is just closed, could you tell us your review regarding Fuse Ibiza 2016 and the 5 shows at the legendary Amnesia?

The season flew by which is normally a great sign, time flies when you’re having fun and all that.
The main room of Amnesia definitely suits our style of play and our sound and I certainly felt it was well received on the Island.
The [Amnesia] Terrace gig with Enzo [Siragusa] was pretty incredible and a dream come true. I’ve fantasised many a time about playing there and to close it on my first go was a huge mile stone. I’ve gotta thank Enzo & Tony for that as well as Hyte for giving us that opportunity.
The underdog reveal almost real future things: we get an important secret noticed regarding your next imprint project; could you tell us something about 7DB and his future releases and “mantra”? 
The label is going to be compiled of music from artists that I admire and even artists that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with me directly. I love all shades of electronic  music so you’re gonna get a wide range of sound from the label, house, techno, garage, dub step etc. It’ll be open to all media formats Digital & Vinyl with exclusives on both sides. We’re collating all the material so you’ll have to wait and see for the first release.
Moving on to your own productions, we hear you have releases / remixes and productions in the pipeline for Kerri Chandlerl’s label: how did this business relationship begin?
At the time I was sending my music to David (Kerri’s manager and now mine). He simply played my music to Kerri, which he loved and that was pretty much the start of my involvement.
My first remix was of a Jamie Jones track, which was huge for me as I’ve admired him since the early Toilet days [Kubicle @ Public Life] in London and the second followed with a Kerri remix. Kerri has been part of my music evolution since early days a true inspiration so I’m honoured to be part of the label.
Could you reveal your studio set up or some unmissable piece that you are used to work on during your sessions?
Yea that’s easy my jomox 888 & Ebb und Flut filter. Played part in over 90% of my music.
You are on tour around Europe to celebrate the Fuse8 Birthday, Naples just gone, Rome ready to come: what do you expect from your Italian gigs?
I’ve played a lot of gigs in Italy over the years, some of my first gigs came from the motherland. There are 2 styles hard & fast and then musical and I believe Goa fits into the second category. It’s my first time but I’ve heard I can play pretty open which definitely excites me.
Thank you, was a pleasure spending quality time with you!
You can catch Seb Zito playing alongside Enzo Siragusa for the Rome date of their Fuse8 Birthday Tour, Saturday 5th November at Goa Club

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