Seb Zito Interview

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– Hi Seb, I’m glad to ask you some questions for
In your biography I see you’re into house and techno scene since ’94 , What were the first parties you got into?

Well back then I was only 13 and couldn’t get into the clubs but the exposure came through the London Pirate radio stations playing Hardcore, Jungle & Garage.
So my first parties were garage raves such as Exposure, Sun City, Garage City etc.
I got into House & Techno a little later on.

– Can you name the first records that truly inspired you?
Wow there are so many records to choose from but for me it has to be the first track that got me hooked to underground music, the first track that got me dj’ing & is still in my record bag today- 24 Hour Experience- All Nighter on Nice n Ripe.

– In 2008 Fuse weekly parties started in London. Who are the main people behind this project and were you part of it from the start?
Enzo & Tony are the main two behind Fuse and I was introduced as a resident from the start and if I wasn’t playing then I was always on the dance floor every Sunday for 4 years along with the rest of the residents.

– Has the concept of Fuse changed during the years?
I wouldn’t say its changed, its always been about the sound, music & vibe & that’s still the case today even with the venue change.

– What about Fuse relationship with Ibiza? 5 years ago you did Delano, then Ushuaia and also a 1 off party ad DC10, last year several parties at Sankeys, what is in the pipeline for summer 2013?
This Summer we will be going weekly, every Wednesday at Sankeys with myself & Enzo Siragusa as weekly residents along with the rest of the residents Rossko, Rich Nxt, etc. & of course a few special guests who have played for us over the years but the main focus will be on the Fuse residents and our Fuse sound.

– In 2011 Fuse London started a record label exclusively dedicated to Fuse residents. I heard soon you will be running the new Fuse sub label, what is the main idea behind it?
The sub label InFuse will go live in the next few months and it will show case artists who are not residents but who have been inspired by our sound and party… the future :) It’ll also showcase music from our dj friends who have played for the party. It kicks of digital but will also feature vinyl releases.

– You’re into producing and deejaying, your recorded mixes for Mixmag and Ibiza Voice. How was at the beginning the approach to these 2 different artistic ways and how has your DJ and producer career evolved during the years?
My Ibiza Voice mix was a showcase of my productions and other fuse productions from the residents & friends. My mixmag mix was more of a dj mix of what I’ve got in the record bag and when I play out I normally mix it up.
It’s just evolved naturally through time & through life experience along with a lot of hard work & passion.

– Recently you played in Italy and you have more gigs coming up in Milan and Turin. Did you enjoy the crowd and the mood of the parties? Also what do you think about the current Italian music scene?
Well what can I say about Classic club other then amazing, it’s the closest thing I have ever experienced to Fuse and also has a hint of DC10, one of the best parties I’ve played at with an amazing crowd, cant wait to go back.
The Italian scene is full of energy more so then the UK scene but its great fun and I can’t wait to go back :)

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Interview by Matteo Pitton
Special thanks to Anna Giunt

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