Sebastian Albrecht Interview

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This week we had the pleasure to chat with Sebastian Albrecht, a cool producer based in Berlin, focussing on his last album “Nordbahnhof” to be released on Archipel Records.

– Thanks for joining us! How are you doing right now?
Hello, thank you – I’m doing great. At the moment I’m working on a downtempo set for Montreal. Pure fun.
In Berlin it gets cold. Time to make music.

– Looking back to the past year, what have you done up to 2016?

If I look back, it was a year with some great movements. In spring I met my buddy Kaitaro in Prague. It’s the starting point of a nice collaboration. In summer I spent great vacation in the nature of Mallorca. Perfect place to come down, walk trough the mountains, explore wild beaches etc.
I started to work as booker for a bar in Berlin Mitte called HRD Bar. A beautiful place with a superb soundsystem. If you are in Berlin, join this place. Twice a week I do also barman there.
We had some nice releases on my label by Falki Hoz, Claire and Dolibox.
I rebuild my studio and my flat. After years it was time to fix some problems in acoustic, to improve the workflow and make it more comfortable.
And to have a release on Archipel makes my year complete.

– Your album “Nordbahnhof” is ready to be published on Archipel. What’s the musical concept behind it?
In the last years I did a lot of minimal and “tech-house” stuff. I tried to make something different I didn’t do before, something which is done with synths only and has more emotions.
I want go back to the roots of my electronic history, which is beside other dub, especially dub techno/electronica from the mid 90’s. For sure an absolut timeless music.
I remember last winter when I passed the Tresor and his smoking chimneys with some Rhythm & Sound stuff in my ear-plugs. This was a huge fashback into my teenage time. I loved that sound and want do also this warm but cold noisy goosebump stuff.
So “Nordbahnhof” was just to roll out a part of me. It’s a phase. It’s not what I will do forever.

– How much time did you spend to create and select all the tracks? Was that a difficult process?
I give them much time to grow. The tracks are not done in 4 hours. In the begin I searched for the right synths and learned some new techniques to get the sound I want. Working the idea out goes relative fast.
The fxs and the synths, the mix, all must sit correctly – this needs time.
The selection was not so time consuming. Just a feeling, what fits nicely together.

– During the years you’ve been able to keep a high quality standard in your productions.
In your opinion how much difficult is to improve continuously yourself?

Thank you. Yes to be hungry for learning new, is absolut necessary. Not only for music. It’s for sure an endless field. But the repertoire is growing and you know better and better what to do.
My interest is to know about how to do, how it was done with old gear and combine it with new techniques and make something new. Especially my “Octatrack” is a good example for that.

– You’re label manager of Park Recordings in conjunction with Florist. How did you come to collaborate?
Florist is an old buddy which I met on a gig. We produced together as “Der Kutscher und sein Gaul”.
We had always a very similar taste. So we did a label. If he check the the demos I got, he like mostly and vice versa.

– Have you got any other forthcoming projects you could tell us about?
For sure the collaboration with Kaitaro. We made already some nice tracks. But the project is still not named. The traget will be to have a live set together.
In January I will play a live set at Goethe Institute in Montreal – it will be a downtempo set. That’s something I never did before. And it’s fun to do something new.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanks for the interest! It has been a pleasure.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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