GR21 ArtworkArtist: Sebastian Mullaert
Title: You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos
Remixer: Joris Voorn, Wa Wu We
Format: 12” // Digital download
Label: Green
Cat. #: GR21
Release Date: December 11th 2015
A1 / 1. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos
A2 / 2. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Blinkarp Dub)
B1 / 3. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Joris Voorn Remix) 00:03
B2 / 4. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Wa Wu We Remix) (Vinyl Only)
5. You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos (Rhodes Version) (Digital Only)

Fresh from the beautiful collaborative fusion of his and Ulf Eriksson’s unique, boundary-blurring, moment-in-time ‘The Dance’, Sebastian Mullaert returns with another future-focused dispatch from his secretive soundlab tucked away deep in the Swedish forests.

An eight minute freeform jazz-minded jam that owes just as much to Bugge as it does the Belleville Three, ‘You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos’ is a luxurious, lolloping groove peppered with cosmic improvisation and a faraway stargazing spoken word. It’s also a discussion on the chaos of shared perception and the paradox of cosmic harmony. Sebastian explains it best…

“The cosmos guides us all. It moves us, beyond time and age, it belongs to us. We are the cosmos.

“We each look at the same molecules in an object, the same physical features on a person, the same stars in a constellation, but each of us sees these differently, each of us has a different experience. It is this experience that we need to give time to, listen to, and understand. It’s only then that we can become an instrument in the orchestra of the cosmos.

“The cosmos is the greatest paradox of life. It guides us – some would say it even conducts us, but without us it does not exist. It is in this silent desolation that we, a cacophony of individuals, create the harmony of existence through our connected individual interpretations of every atom, being and thing.”

As with every project that has preceded this and the ones that will succeed it, Sebastian has invested every atom of his soul and thought into the original and his three different versions: his lean and trippy Blinkarp dub, the softer focus Rhodes version and the spacious dub hypnosis of his Wa Wu We remix. Label boss Joris Voorn has also offered his own interpretation of Mullaert’s musical molecules: strapping us tightly into his euphoric rocket, he provides a deep trip into peaktime nebular.

However you perceive it, however you let the cosmos guide you, you are the orchestra and right now Mullaert plays the consummate conductor. As he says himself, give this time, listen to it, understand it, experience it…. Then let us know what you think!


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