gem021Artist: Secret Cinema & Psycatron
Title: Rotterdam – Belfast EP pt. 1
Label: Gem Records
Cat. #: GEM021
Release Date: May 28th 2012

Rotterdam – Belfast EP part 1 is the result of two day studio session with Secret Cinema in Psycatron’s Belfast based studio. Two days of playing around with synths, recording everything that went on and cutting and moulding it all into a big fat sounding project. The result is three absolutely banging tracks with a unique sound. Proper gems…

Two of those tracks can be found on Gem Records’ ‘Secret Cinema & Psycatron – Rotterdam Belfast EP part 1’. The third will be released on Psycatron’s own Inflyte Records in June as part 2. The introduction of another quality techno label to the scene is very welcome!

Toy Soldiers is best described as a banging and steaming techno train with lots of melody and lots of drive to it. The bright yet warm synths are a beautiful contrast to the heavy pumping kick and quirky sound effects. Nova-k is a hypnotizing groove that features a mysterious sounding arpeggiator and a spacy soundscape over a techy rhythm and bassline. Both tracks are equipped with the tools to create some quality dance floor insanity.


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