Sequence Report ‘Secromance’

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Artist: Sequence Report
Title: Secromance
Label: Tevo Howard Recordings
Cat. #: TTHR-DR023
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Format: Album: digital only; Single: vinyl only
01.) Emotion Number Eight
02.) Tragedy
03.) Possession
04.) Beauty to Body Count
05.) Even with All Odds (Catch 22 Mix)
06.) Exotic Object
07.) Been Steppin’ to your Love
08.) See Quincy Report

As a step in the Chicago Electro House genre, Sequence Report is an Alias or A.K.A. of Tevo Howard that came about as an intended exploration of Popular music. This debut album titled, SECROMANCE, is no exception to early pioneer work of artists such as The Art of Noise and Kraftwerk who crafted and pioneered the computer automated voice in electronic music. Secromance, nonetheless, utilizes tuned and pitched automated vocals in a bit more of exploration within the Chicago Electro House genre. Our special feature for this album is a popular gem for the Chicago Steppin’ community titled, “Been Steppin’ to your Love…” So please get down to this one.
We present this complete full scale album along with a vinyl edition 12 inch single of “Been Steppin’ to your Love” and “Tragedy” for side A, and two unreleased versions of “Don’t Make Me Wait (Tonight I Wanna House You)” for side B. Both Tracks for the 12 inch single will be long club versions for DJs.


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