Frank Haag is a dj and producer based in Amsterdam, and in “The Future Is Absurd EP” he showed a very interesting and intriguing kind of sound, which evokes forgotten dark tech house styles and a singular minimal sound that reminds the Pablo Denegri’s one.
These things are recognizable in “When You Leave (Vinyl Short Cut)” and “Honore Syndicate”; but the true gems of the release are “Les Ruines de la Soiree (5am Take)” and “When You Leave (Long Cut)”, because their trippy and complex sound combinations.

Serialism – out now

A1. Les Ruines de la Soiree (5am Take)
A2. When You Leave (Vinyl Short Cut)
B1. When you leave (The Mole Rmx)
B2. Honore Syndicate
Digital only:
Vasim Takahashi
When You Leave (Long Cut)


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