Sidney Charles Inteview

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Hey Sidney, first of all welcome to Different Grooves


October is ready for giving you an “hat trick” in your release catalogue, tell us something about your next EPs and remixes ready to be burned on Material, Moda Black and Guest House?

Yes, my release catalogue seem to be quiet overloaded for some people but I think at the moment it is very useful for where I am as an artist to steadily show my skills so the scene will recognize me, not as being one of those artists that disappear quickly and also show that I really want to prove my authenticity in the the house music scene.

My remix for Hot Since 82 on Moda Black is a special release for me. It will only be released on Daley’s (Hot Since 82) “Little Black Book”. There will be no release on Beatport, Tracksource, etc. I’m really happy that Daley asked me especially to do this remix for him as I think he is one of the biggest breakthrough artist this year. I actually only had 1 week to finish the remix but I managed to live up to his expectations and produced a track that I am really proud of.

My release on Mihalis Safras imprint Material will be coming out on the 14th October and I really wanted to come back to my more jacking orientated sound after being very tech influenced on my EP for 8Bit. It’s a 3 tracker. All tracks are very swingy and the grooves are characterized by jacking snares, bumpy kicks and crunchy hi hats.

The leading track “About Jack” is a crossover track from a rather modern sounding atmosphere and a down pitched vocal adapted to the rhythm.

The B-Side tracks are meant to be groovier, useful tools for the dance floor.

My EP on DJ Mes imprint Guest House Music is going to be a one tracker. I’m really happy Sneak introduced me to DJ Mes and made this release possible!

October is also a good month for your gigs: Moscow, Darmstadt and Avotre party in Zurich, which are you expecting the most?

I’m really excited about our Avotre showcase at ADE Amsterdam. It’s always such a nice atmosphere during ADE in Amsterdam. This time we are showcasing together with Dennis Ferrer´s label Objektivity and we managed to get together quiet a breathe-taking line up:

Dennis Ferrer, Santé, Yousef, Andre Hommen, Philip Bader and my humble self!

I’m also prety excited to play at Glasraum, Zurich, it’s a venue that just opened this year and is already receiving a lot of attention with a very good booking politics.

I will also be giving my debut in Athens at the end of October, where I’ll be playing alongside Santé and Mihalis Safras.

Tell us something about your best and worst gig ever!

My best show was at Eastern Electrics Festival 2013. Such a special vibe. Hands in the air nonstop and a lot of friends supported me.

My worst show was in my Hip Hop days, where I played a support gig for a semi-professional RnB singer in Aachen, Germany. I had to carry my two 20kg vinyl cases in a 6 hour train drive with 3 transfers included. The venue for the concert/gig was made for 2000 people. 300 came. Unfortunately the promoter couldn’t pay me after my set… Not fun at all!

You are now linked to Avotre German label, tell us how you get in touch with this powerful musical reality?

I met Santé about 2 years ago, when I moved from Hamburg to Berlin and also decided to make my first proper steps into the music business as a professional producer/DJ. I’ve always been a fan of Santé’s dark and edgy
Interpretation of what house music is and it also comes quiet close to my personal view.
Over the time we became friends and I was more than happy after he asked to join the Avotre crew.
Since then I’ve been really proud to release my music on Avotre and also helping Santé behind the scenes…

How is your business relationship with Santè, the man behind Avotre?

Apart from being friends, our business relationship is hard to separate from our normal relationship as being friends. But after my first release on Avotre called “House Lesson”, we have been spending a lot of time together in the studio.

Santé and I were adapting more and more with our imagination of what house music is and so we kinda had the same concepts in our heads about where we want to be with Avotre in the future and how we would like to be seen by the music scene.

We are now working together on all the things that have to be taken care of when you run a label…and even more as we are also designing clothes.

Step back, your artistical origins: which or who influenced mostly in your childhood, beginnings and why?

In my childhood I was addicted to my basketball. Automatically Hip Hop is not a far step away from that so I was hearing a lot of the conscious-rap scene of the east coast. Talib Kweli, Big-L, Dj premier, Ganstarr,… I always loved the ruff drum beats in the songs where you also always here DJs scratching inside their own beats.

Sydney Charles in the next 6 months: tell us something about your projects.

I have 3 more EPs planned for 2013 coming on “Material Series”, “GuestHouse Music” & “Im a House Gangsta”. A couple more remixes on “Moda Black” for Hot Since 82 and for Black Loops on “Gruuv”.

For 2014 I’ve planned a coop with Darius Syrossian, where you can be sure of hearing some old school influenced jackin house beats!

Thanks for your time with us Sydney, really looking forward to your podcast on Different Grooves On Air so!

DJ profile here

It was a pleasure…


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