Sidney Charles ‘My Hope’

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Artist: Sidney Charles
Title: My Hope
Label: Sex Panda White
Remixers: S.K.A.M. , Raffa FL
Cat. #: SPW041
Format: Digital
1. My Hope (Original Mix)
2. My Hope (S.K.A.M. Remix)
3. My Hope (Raffa FL Remix)

Last release of Sex Panda White in 2012 is the exclusive and truly quality one.
Germany based house artist Sidney Charles is definitely a guy to watch out for.
With releases on Kling Klong, Suara, Avotre and many more labels who admit his music to be funky and actual, Sidney keeps going on his style enlarging the circle of people who recognize brand house sound.
‘My Hope’ is an excellent groovy thing to play, filled with vocals making the atmosphere of a track perfect for playing.
Guys on remixes are the artists to talk about less rather than to listen to their covers.
Raffa FL who is raising lately due to his top sold and often played records all over the world delivers his unique style into his remix.
Melody progressions, making an emphasis on vocal stem with killer bassline in a unit are a true deep house bomb.
The remix by S.K.A.M., the artist hailing from Moscow is completing a package.
He has been producing his unique sound since the 90’s and continues to bring his individual style to dancefloors around the globe.
As usual S.K.A.M. brings an excellent mood and funk into his remix.
The version with multinote chords, neverendless groove and funky atmosphere will definitely find a place in dj’s folders.


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