Signal Deluxe ‘Monoheart EP’

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pntmzk027_coverArtist: Signal Deluxe
Title: Monoheart EP
Label: Pantamuzik
Remixers: Deadbeat, Ethan Borshansky, Dromme
Cat. #: PNTMZK027
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 6th 2012

1. Monoheart (Original Mix)
2. Monoheart (Deadbeat Remix)
3. Monoheart (Ethan Borshansky Remix)
4. Monoheart (Dromme Remix)
5. My Love (Original Mix)

After a successful story running the Blaq Records imprint and holding the flame that Humberto Polar lit over 10 years ago, Valeria and Ierga carry the torch of the Pantamuzik project, now running as a sister label for Blaq Records, keeping the spirit alive for fresh music ready for dance floors and mostly hailing from latin America representing the sound of this continent with many collaborations from our international friends sharing the vision of a global artist community.

Signal Deluxe release their single Monoheart EP containing 2 original tracks Monoheart & My Love featuring Romy Kerr For this release they have one of their all time favorite producers and dear friend Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat!
Scott’s remix is precise, subliminal, emotional simply a delicious piece of art, lots of groove and drive in this jam, the way he uses parts of the original is simply genius a superb remix from one of the most interesting and original artists out there More friends join the remix duties Ethan Borshansky a new member of Pantamuzik drops a fantastic remix that has beautiful elements of house and techno, keeping things simple yet effective, with a sensual sound design, still fresh from his first full release on Pantamuzik, expect more things from this great artist soon….
Once again Dromme gets his hands on Signal Deluxe’s material to create his own version of things, Dromme is part of the Blaq Records family since the early days.


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