Signor Andreoni ‘Like A Train EP’

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Artist: Signor Andreoni
Title: Like A Train EP
Label: AMAM
Cat. #: amamextra021
Format: wav / mp3
Release Date: 2 December 2013
X1. Like a Train
X2. Drive By
X3. Falcon Dive
X4. Transportation

Signor Andreoni has been an underdog figure in techno and house over the last number of years, bringing his classical musical training into a robotic yet soulful contexting, whether producing solo or as member of the duos Bunkers (together with AMAM boss Alessio Mereu) or Diamond Dog (his project with Acirne on TBet, the label they run together). Resident Advisor declared that “his tracks are hungry and ambitious”, which is why they make it into the sets of some of the more adventurous DJs out there.

AMAM is happy to help break Signor Andreoni’s recent silence, releasing his first EP of 2013, Like a Train, four determined cuts with a synthetic direction and touches of Detroit electro. The title track sets the tone with a mechanistic pulse that creates its own gravitational pull, while some digital vultures swirl around above, waiting for some dancefloor prey. Then “Drive By” offers a wake-up call with its insistent beat and dissonant chimes, so you’re sure to be back on your feet again.

“Falcon Dive” is where Andreoni’s guitar skills make a distinct appearance, but strictly as a rhythmic element, as synthesizers continuously mutate in the atmosphere. Finally, “Transportation” offers an off-kilter, churning growl that winds unexpectedly around the strict grid of varied percussion sounds, encapsulating the EP’s death-rave-in-Motown aura. Delightfully demented!


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