Silicone Soul w. Craig Morrison Interview

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Silicone Soul w. Craig Morrison – „Go your own way“!

There are cerain artists who manage to stay „cool“ no matter how long they are around. Mostly because they stand out of the avarege and also because of their special touch. One of those artists are certainly Silicone Soul, a legendary duo from Glasgow and it must be their music and attitude that makes them so special. The highlight of their career was with no doubt their single Right On, Right On’ in 2001, but that was only a hit song, which attracted the attention from the fans and industry. We spoke with Craig Morrison about their current and future projects, changes, they have been facing in their career and their latest EP on Darkroom Dubs.


If someone asked you, who or what is Silicone Soul, what would you answer and where would you direct that person to look online?

We are just two friends that met in high school that shared a dream. We play and produce modern electronic music and you if would like you can find out more about us on our website & social media platforms.


You guys are working together since 1998. Music, scene and audience have changed a lot since. How did you guys change, how did your music change and how do you see the electronic music changed ever since?

The music changed as the technology changed, to some extent but I think all aspects of electronic music revolve, evolve and rotate. When we started, analogue hardware was the main tools to produce then ‘soft synths’ and computer based DAWs became more readily available, essentially moving production out of a more studio based environment, enabling ‘bedroom’ production and a whole new ethos and approach to music making. Now analogue and modular hardware is popular again, as I guess  it’s more tactile and perhaps creates a more authentic sound and randomness to the creative process. We’ve moved with the times, you always have to move forward but as certain genres come in and out of fashion it would be impossible not to be influenced by that.  I think we’ve managed to keep our own sound and identity though. It’s not a good idea following fashions. You need to have your own sound and vision and that sentiment has been with us from the beginning. ‘Go your own way, do your own thing, no matter how far out’ was our early mantra. It’s a completely different world to when we started, music and being a DJ wasn’t a career option or a platform for fame and fortune. It was a darkroom, a strobe and a good time. Who the DJ was, wasn’t important, it was all about the quality of the music and the search for the hottest new record. Everything has to progress, from promotional faxes to sponsored Facebook posts but my concern is that image is far out weighing the quality of the music. As DJs spend more time promoting themselves than coming up with fresh sounds. But only love at the end of the day!


You have just released your latest EP on Darkroom Dubs, called “Help will come”. You have collected great feedbacks so far. What does the title refer to? This is your first EP after 2 years? What can we expect from you in the future?

Actually, Graeme has two house cats and one escaped and was missing for a day, he just sat there knowing that help will come. It makes a great title which we all can related to and follows on from the imagery from our ‘Save Our Souls’ album.

With so much work on our Darkroom Dubs label and the other aspects of music life we’ve been a little less prolific in the last few years in the studio. We are now working on a lot of new music now, especially with our long time collaborator, guitarist Chippy. We are writing a new track for the Soma 25 years compilation, which is next year and working on a new album too for the 25 years. Also, we are finishing off collaborations with Nick Warren and Pedro Aguilar and working on a new EP for Darkroom Dubs.

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Which happening or moment do you consider a breaking point in your career so far? What impact did it have to your professional life?

Releasing our first record on our own label, Depth Perception with school friends Chris and Peter in ’96. Signing to Soma in ’98. Then the release of our ‘Right On, Right On’ track in 2001, which gave us international exposure and allowed us to start traveling the world playing music for a living. A dream come true really.

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Your schedule is as busy as always. By your opinion, what do you think attracts people to your gigs?

The thrill of the unexpected and hopefully the knowledge that they are gonna get some cracking fresh tunes they haven’t heard before!


Do you guys often appear separatley and why?

Sadly it’s down to economics. The flights are often too expensive for the promoter to have us both play. I know other duos like MANDY and Tiefschwarz have the same dilemma. A sign of the times really. It’s hard being a duo sometimes.


I know it is hard to tell, but when you play separately, does your music sound similar or not to when you appear as a duo?

Haha, yeah that is a tricky one. I think Graeme’s music is a little deeper and musical maybe and I play more darker and a little more “crazy”. But essentially we share the same tastes and a lot of the same music.

In the beginning of October, you will play in Ljubljana (Craig). What would you like to say to your fans here.

I can’t wait to come back to Ljubljana. I’ve always had a wonderful time and been touched by the hospitality. Looking forward to entertaining you all once again!
Silicone Soul w. Craig Morrison will appear in Ljubljana on Friday, October 2nd 2015.

Credits: Rok Radobuljac
Photos: Silicone Soul Press


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