Silvie Loto Interview

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Hi Silvie, and welcome to Different Grooves.
Hi! Thank you :))

Can you tell us about your relationship with Bpitch Control, and how it all started?
I always found Ellen an inspiration since I’m young, and I always admired her work. I met her some years ago, at a gig where we were sharing the decks. We had a good connection from the beginning, not only as artists, but from the human side . Then the relationship with Bpitch started some years ago, with an LP with 8 tracks, followed by another EP after one year. That period was a particular one for me, were I was very free in the studio. Even if the idea was to send and do music for her, it was very natural, and fitting with the label.

Tell us about Silvie in the studio – can you tell us about any future projects on the horizon?
I worked quite a lot this year in the studio and I have some stuff ready that I hope to be able to release very soon. It’s different music from my last work. Now is more about the dance floor. I missed this part for some time, and I wanted to go back to make music that I would play too. I worked on both sides: more techno oriented and more house stuff.. I hope you can listen to it soon!

Summer is on the way, are you taking off to Ibiza a few times this season? What are your plans?
Yes I do, and I’m very excited for this summer! I’ll be at Sankeys for Unusual Suspect, this new and very interesting party on Thursday night. I’ll be there for my first gig on the 26 of May, so quite soon. I’ll be back for other twos, one on July 7 and one September 28. Line up is great, and it is great to be part of it.
I will be also playing once again for Jamie at Paradise at dc10 on Wednesday. This year I play the opening (I’m very excited) and the 31st of August.
This is the year I play the most on the island and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to be more often there!

What are your thoughts on the scene in Ibiza in general? The clubs, events, living there, and also if you have any particular insider info..
Ibiza is of course one of the centers for music. Every year I hear somebody worried that is gonna be the last year for the island, but every year is bigger and bigger. I never missed a year since I’m very young. I saw it changing. Something is better something is worst. But it is always stronger and stronger. We all know that this year is gonna be the last for the Space Club as we know it. This make everybody very sad, especially for those who, like me spend some amazing time since a long time ago.

Tell us something about Jamie Jones’ Paradise at DC10? How did that come about?
I started to play for Paradise 3 years ago and this is the fourth season. The first year they were looking for new artists to add to the line up and they contacted me. I have to say I’m very proud to be part of this great party. Of course I love DC 10 and it is my favorite spot on the island. But I also I love the party and the crew, everybody is positive and the vibe is terrific. this year I will also play the opening so this is gonna be be fun night :))

On May 26th you are playing at Unsusal Suspects with Paco Osuna and Shlomi Aber. Are you looking forward to it? What can we expect from you musically?
I’m looking forward for this one very much! The line up of the night, and of the party in general is great, and I think people can find a lot of quality music. Sankeys is also a great club, probably one of the few more underground on the island, and i think this make the difference from the other party. I don’t know what can you expect from me soon, but I’m sure the club give a freedom to play everyone different style

Last but not least, tell us something about the Italian scene – the past, present and future of Italy on the clubbing side of things.
I think that the scene in Italy is wonderful. It’s almost 10 years I’m playing now, and I saw it changing a lot (and I can imagine for those who were there before me). The scene in Italy grow so much in the last period. For sure before there were less party and the few big party where the big DJs were coming to play – it was a big reunion for all of us. We were traveling around Italy to catch this night, we were meeting friends and sharing music together, and this was magical. now there are way more parties and more dj playing every weekend, so this side is missing a bit. This world is getting very big and this is positive and negative from another side. But I think when art reaches more people is always a great thing. People in Italy now are more prepared musically, so they probably pay more attention at the dj’s performances, even if they don’t forget the funny side.

Thank you :)


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