Simone Tavazzi ”Riddle”

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ORGA60 - Simone Tavazzi - RiddleArtist: Simone Tavazzi
Title: Riddle
Label: !Organism
Release Date: 02 February, 2015
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Cat #:
Simone Tavazzi – Riddle (Original Mix)
Simone Tavazzi – Riddle (Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo Tool Remix)
Simone Tavazzi – Pursuit (Original Mix)
Simone Tavazzi – Cage (Original Mix)

February 2015, !Organism celebrates by pressing up a standout EP by Simone Tavazzi. The Italian’s originals get remixed by Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo and complete what are four tracks of excellently direct techno.

Tavazzi has been active since the 90s and taking inspiration from French acid techno, house, Detroit, electro and minimal, he has released on Material Series, Perc Trax and Loose Records and is well known amongst revered techno DJs who often reach for his tracks.

‘Riddle’ opens the account with a blisteringly fierce effort that is built on hard drums, is fleshed out with gravelly synths and has kicking percussion driving it along. It’s a sweeping track that pushes aside all in its wake and will have dancefloors marching along willingly.

Bodysrcub & Pascal Nuzzo opt to strip things back to warmer, more rubbery textures and serve up a subliminally hypnotic roller as a result. Pricks of synth, huge hi hat ringlets and distant sirens join at various stages and only add to the thrill of the ride.

Next comes ‘Pursuit’, a rollercoaster of a cut, with frictionless grooves, cavernous, reverb heavy chords and nervy pads all making for the sort of thing that makes a huge impact in a dark room with a great system.

Lastly, ‘Cage’ is another one that builds to a crescendo with blurting, malfunctioning machine sounds, cantering drums and incendiary percussion all growing in stature and consuming your mind and body alike.

Few labels get out of single figures yet !Organism have made it to sixty releases strong without even slightly compromising on their pure techno vision.


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