Simone Zino ”Movement”

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ORGA91 - Simone Zino - Movement
Artist: Simone Zino
Title: Movement
Label: !Organism
Release Date: 25 January, 2016
Cat #:
Simone Zino – Movement (Original Mix)
Simone Zino – Movement (Mars Bill Remix)
Simone Zino – 1990 (Original Mix)
Simone Zino – 1990 (Yan Stricker Remix)

There is no time to rest for top techno label !Organism, who now reveal that their 91st EP comes from Simone Zino on January 25th 2016. It has remixes from label boss Yan Stricker and Mars Bill and is another complete package.

Italian Zino is a talented techno craftsman whose tracks regularly find their way into the sets of Richie Hawtin. His effortless, intense style has seen him releasing on Phobiq and Deeperfect as well as this label before now, and he has held some key DJ residences in his home country. All of this means he is at ease crafting serious techno weapons, as this new EP proves.

Sterling opener ‘Movement’ is a broody cut right from the off, with dark sub bass and slithering hi hats making for an intense atmosphere. Thunderous claps add more texture and scale to the track and it is another classic in the making from Zino.

Stepping up on the remix is Mars Bill, another Italian producer with a strong following, and someone who has a fine reputation for firmly rooted rollers with well sculpted synths on labels like Intec and Break New Soil. His take on the original is more heavyweight, with bulky kick drums and prying synth stabs working you into an infectious lather.

Then Zino steps up once more with the tasty ‘1990’, a calm and slow burning techno track that is mysterious and mischievous and really pulls you in. The surfaces are all brushed metal and the bass is dark and engaging. It’s a perfectly hypnotic roller to keep floors marching as one and gets remixed to great effect by label boss Yan Stricker. His version is a brilliant mix of big builds and classy breakdowns, with turbo charged bass and jangling synth sounds making for an emotive yet physical experience.

Each of the four cuts here offers something different but equally essential for fans of proper techno.


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