Slam ‘Minor Interruption’

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BEK019Artist: Slam
Title: Minor Interruption
Cat. #: BEK 019
Label: Bek Audio
Format: 12″ Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: May 20th, 2014
A1. Minor Interruption
B1. Rekal

Following up on their recent Cadence release on Paragraph, Slam are returning to Bek Audio with a double A side single titled ‘Minor Interruption’.

Minor Interruption presents two equally outstanding slices of raw and sinister techno. On the A-side, a nervous, scratchy synth scuttles and ducks between pounding kicks. Hissing hats and percussion parts are callously layered. Filters open and close, channeling acidic noise and carving tideways into dense sound. Minor Interruption is mechanical, stark and relentless, like a freight train, sharply changing tracks.

In Rekal we hear a syncopated synth motif bouncing off of fizzing noise, layered over a cavernous kick drum and a clipped vocal. Delayed claps scatter across the stereo floor and alarms sound. Big, resonant filter sweeps clamber towards steep drops, plummeting us back into the sub heavy, high-pressure groove.

This release is a demonstration in doing much more with less. Arrangements can be spartan, but through considered selection and masterly application, the results can be big. It’s an area in which Slam excel.


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