Sleeparchive ‘Windows’

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WU041Artist: Sleeparchive
Title: Windows
Remixer: Oscar Mulero
Label: Warm Up Recordings
Cat. #: WU41
Release Date: July 6th 2015
A1 / 1. Window – 057
A2 / 2. Window – 092
B1 / 3. Window – 057 (Oscar Mulero Remix)
B2 / 4. Window – 092 (Oscar Mulero Remix)

We are glad to welcome the mighty Sleeparchive to our family. The Berliner gives us two original tracks plus two remixes by label boss Oscar Mulero.
‘Window 057’ is an arpeggiated tool made of a crazy synth sequence, shuffled hats and subtle kick drums in a constantly moving structure.
‘Window 092’ starts with a massive bass drum accompanied by synthetic bleeps and noises that soon are joined by repetitive sequences carrying the flow.
Oscar Mulero’s remix for ‘Window 057’ is a cleaner approach to the original; less shuffled on the rhythms but with a lot more movement on the arpeggiated synth lines.
The ‘Window 092’ remake slows down the pressure on behalf of a more liquid approach on the drums, and is more reverberated and deep. Oscar adds more percussive elements and puts the bleeps away using the main sequence as the centre of the arrangement.


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