Ancestral Voices “Night Of Visions”

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Ancestral Voices is another alias used by Liam Blackburn: he’s not a new producer in the scene, he published many releases under the Indigo moniker and he’s also the 50% of the Akkord duo.
With “Night Of Visions”, an album published on Samurai Horo he challenge himself exploring modern classical and drone sonorities. There’s also some space for downtempo and dubstep, reflecting the stylistic origins of the artist.

Samurai Horo – November 2015
Tracklist (CD / Digital):

01. Night of Visions
02. Ritual Terre
03. Selva
04. Medicina
05. Invocations
06. La Purga
07. Arachnae
08. The Feathered Serpent
09. Rebirth & Dissolution
10. Paititi
11. Sleepless Night, First Sight


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