Manni “Wave Machine”

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Manni is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Brazil, which he started off as DJ Vanni in 1985 and developed as a part of M4J, one of the first Brazilian electronic live acts, combining house and techno with
Brazilian influences and being played by the likes of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Green Velvet.

His debut album on Society 3.0 Recordings is called “Wave Machine” and in the 14 tracks featured the artist ranges from house to tech house, implementing themes from the 90s and mixing them with contemporary sonorities, creating an interesting various ensemble.

Society 3.0 Recordings – December 2nd, 2016
01. Come On
02. Pure Juice
03. F Is Fun
04. Caraca
05. Pedro Bahiano Is Not Dead
06. I Want You
07. Storm Surfers
08. Eddie Would Go
10. Neu Welle
11. Give Me The Night
12. I Like It
13. Ape Funk
14. CBMA


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