Rebekah “Fear Paralysis”

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After the publication of many EPs and remixes Rebekah debuts with her first album titled “Fear Paralysis” on Soma Records. Featuring few originals appeared on small pre-album releases, the various tracks explore alternative faces of Rebekah’ style, broken beat rhythms are alive to support dark, ambient, glitchy, industrial sounds, suggesting macabre and nocturnal scenarios.

Soma Records – April 28th 2017
1. Intro
2. Breakfast With Jeff
3. 1997 Reprise
4. Requiem For A Dream
5. Breathe
6. Tell Me Your Secrets
7. Fear Paralysis
8. Thirteen
9. I Died A Thousand Times
10. Code Black
11. Again
12. Later That Day
13. Anxiety

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