Deepchord “Auratones”

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Rod Modell a.k.a. Deepchord continues his journey into hypnotic dub techno sounds.
His last album “Auratones”, published on Soma, represents as its best his style and devotion to sound ambiance, and of course the slow track building.
The creative process seems continuous, and not distincted or interrupted as independent tracks, that’s a distinctive touch of his style, and a difficult result to get on album projects.

Soma – October 20th 2017

1. Fog Hotel
2. Moving Lights
3. Wind In Trees
4. Lagonda
5. Varanasi
6. Portofino
7. Point Reyes
8. Underwater Galaxies
9. Roca 9
10. Azure
11. Devil Ray
12. Signals

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