RGB|CMY Kinetic: the kinetic light installation by ART+COM worldwide premiere for SonarPLANTA
The second SonarPLANTA edition will see ART+COM take a leading role as a globally recognised and pioneering studio in the use of technology as a medium for artistic expression. In addition to their artistic, scientific and technological disciplines, the Berlin studio has also exhaustively experimented with interactivity, researching and developing new forms of communication, placing them at the forefront of art, design and technological innovation.
The piece is inspired by the PLANTA project, the multidisciplinary creation space that brings together art, architecture, science, innovation, talent and enterprise, located in the Sorigué industrial environment.
The project specifically developed by ART+COM will immerse viewers in colour, movement and sound, and will showcase their extensive experience in developing kinetic engineering systems. They will also collaborate with the exceptional Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, who will provide the music/sound for the piece.
RGB|CMY Kinetic is both a sculpture suspended in the air and a choreography of light, with its roots in two important traditions of the twentieth century: kinetic art and light art. The piece consists of five reflective disks that will rise above the installation space. These disks will reflect light from three bulbs, casting three primary colours on a floor-mounted display. The precise and harmonious movement of the disks -via a system of motors and cables- will be used to decompose the light emitted by the bulbs in multiple shades and distinct tones that will fill the screen. The third choreography element will be sound. Ólafur Arnalds’ composition will be activated by the position of the piece’s disks in each moment. The monumental SonarPLANTA space will convert RGB|CMY Kinetic into a meditative and transcendental experience, in which technology is used to explore nature’s poetic dimensions and fundamental principles.
What is SonarPLANTA?
Created last year, SonarPLANTA is the joint initiative from Sónar and the Sorigué Foundation, which will run for the next three festivals, and aims to promote and celebrate research and experimentation in creative languages, based around technology and New Media Art.
Sorigué Foundation, located in La Plana del Corb (Balaguer, Lleida), is a space where industrial labour, technology, art, architecture and nature coexist. This artistic and business project will be the inspiration basis for the creation of works presented at SonarPLANTA: fundamental part of the Sónar+D discourse.
Sónar 2014 hosted the first SonarPLANTA that had at its core one of the most important researchers of digital aesthetics in artCarsten Nicolai (Chemnitz, Germany.1965), who presented the monumental immersive audiovisual installation unidisplay. Each year, a renowned artist in the field of art and technology will create a new production drawing from the natural and industrial landscape in which PLANTA is situated: arid mountains, olive groves, extraction machines, asphaltic plants and concrete blocks stacked between natural terrains. For the next three years (2015, 2016 and 2017) the selected proposals will be presented to the Sónar public for the first time.
Sónar and its historic relationship with new media art
The investigation into the aesthetic possibilities of digital technologies, and experimenting with new formats and languages, ​​on the cusp between sound, image and space, has been one of Sónar’s hallmarks since its first festival in 1994. The festival was conceived with the aim of opening a transitional space for creators who merge technology, cutting-edge contemporary culture, and new sensory experiences. Since then, Sónar has remained one of the most important global events in this field of artistic production.
On its 20th anniversary, the festival reaffirmed its commitment to contemporary creation and the exploration of post-digital languages ​​by creating Sónar+D, the giant space for creative technology communities at Sónar. Sónar+D is a forum for thought and an active agent in the promotion of creative innovation in different fields. It ranges from emerging industries uniting new methods in culture and technology, to new expressive forms that are shaping a generation of digital creators that are no longer emerging, but who are at the forefront of today’s artistic creation.
Sorigué Fundation
The Sorigué Foundation strengthens its commitment to the Barcelona cultural sector through its joint project with Sónar. Member of the MNAC Board, the foundation supports the artistic promotion of the city through other initiatives, including: the “Sorigué Foundation UB Contemporary Art” exhibition in 2013; a video art and sculpture installation in the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona; and its participation at the LOOP fair in 2013 and 2014, among many others.
Since 1999, the Sorigué Foundation has been working on the creation of an international contemporary art collection consisting of more than 450 pieces from all disciplines, alternating between internationally renowned and virtually unknown artists. It was recently awarded the Art and Patronage Award 2015 run by the ‘La Caixa’ Foundation. The Sorigué Foundation maintains an active loan policy to national and international institutions, collaborating with leading cultural centres including the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, the MOMA in New York, the Tate Gallery in Liverpool and Barcelona’s Arts Santa Monica, among many others. Since 1995 it has continued its fellowship program with the aim of supporting young talent in the field of arts, and it has also participated in multiple social projects.

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