Sone ‘Broken Axis’

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Artists: Sone
Title: Broken Axis
Label: From 0-1
Remixers: A.Trebor, Milkplant, The Automatic Message
Format: Digital
Cat. #: FR0-1 0.016
Release Date: December 3rd 2013
Distribution. Beatport
01. Broken Axis (original mix)
02. Black Island (original mix)
03. Broken Axis (A. Trebor remix)
04. Black Island (Milkplant remix)
05. Broken Axis (The Automatic Message remix)

Sone is Seattle based DJ and Producer Brian Sonnleitner. His Broken Axis EP represents his first EP on From 0-1, the West Coast Techno label that he co-owns and operates with Oakland CA based artist, Milkplant. Sone is known for his deep, dark, driving, and spatial Techno. Additionally, remixers A. Trebor, Milkplant, and The Automatic Message join the fold.


1- Broken Axis: heady, polyrhythmic, shuffled, deep

2- Black Island: huge kick, driving, slammy, tense

3- Broken Axis (A.Trebor remix): tight, funky, jacky, percussive

4- Black Island: (Milkplant remix): driving, heavy, booming, warehouse

5- Broken Axis (The Automatic Message remix): distortion, apocalyptic, percussive, intense


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